Multilingual Email Campaign Tool

Bespoke platform for converting offers in Excel files into multilingual HTML emails

  • What we did

    During ongoing manual campaign creation for a multinational travel agent, we identified a way to automate offer emails and reduce the time required to complete a sales campaign.

    We designed, mapped out and built a mult-lingual email creation platform, that allowed users to login, create a campaign, select a template & sales region/language and upload Excel files with rows of hotel offers. Once a campaign was created, a user would select a pre-saved dynamic template that would generate a fully completed HTML email with just one click.

    The user could then download the email as a HTML file, or simply copy and paste the source code into their campaign software.

    Features included full user accounts restricted by email address, auto translation of key phrases from English into French, German, Italian & Spanish, as well as multi platform support; for web & email.

  • Deliverables

    • Full application with user accounts
    • Mult language support
    • Templating engine using Twig
    • Multi template support
    • Multi platform support
    • Upload offers using Excel
    • WYSIWYG Editor
    • Full template generation
    • Copy to clipboard or download template

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