Nomify is our APP for employee retention and engagement.

It encourages your staff to try harder and achieve great things through recognition and awards.

  • Engage, Nominate & Celebrate

    Nomify is our employee engagement product, spanning multiple platforms including native iOS and Android apps. Initially the idea came from a company requesting a small nominations website for an annual internal event. This inspired us to create a mobile app that could be used by multiple companies for a multitude of in house communications with a very minimal setup process. As well as the ability to make nominations, the app also includes a news feed, holiday booking, and a rewards system.

    One of the most powerful elements of Nomify is the remote configuration system. Company administrators can log onto a website and customise how the app looks and behaves to their users. They can remotely change colour schemes, enable and disable features, as well as changing privileges for individual users.

    To run an app on multiple mobile platforms, apps can either be built in the faster cross platform way, or the native approach that leads to a higher quality outcome. Nomify runs as a native app on iOS and Android to provide the best experience for all of our users.


    • Native iOS & Android apps
    • News feed
    • Events
    • Remote notifications
    • Custom built calendar for holiday requests
    • Remote configuration system
    • Dynamic colour schemes
    • In-app admin features

If you’re an employee, you can:-

  • Send stars to colleagues, along with an optional message for doing great work
  • Nominate colleagues as part of a wider Awards scheme
  • Manage your holidays, including holiday submission & deletion
  • Keep up to date with the latest news and events from your employer
  • Stay notified of up and coming holidays for your colleagues
  • Access links to business policies such as GDPR & Privacy
  • Create events and posts (if you have administrative rights)
  • Manage your colleagues holidays (if you’re a manager)

If you’re a business owner, you can:-

  • Launch an Awards scheme, with nomination dates, awards and more
  • Promote well-being in the workplace by allowing your employees to recognise each other by awarding stars for great work
  • Manage your employees holidays, accepting and rejecting requests, and setting their entitlement
  • Post news and events, keeping your staff informed of company progress

Before using Nomify, please make sure your employer has an active account with us.


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