Clickfeed is the ultimate in market place selling & channel management

  • Retail Management Mobile App for iOS and Android

    ClickFeed is a large collection of connected applications based around online shopping and selling on multiple platforms. In 2017, we developed an iOS administration app as a small part of the overall product, while still being a large app in its own right. It allows merchants to create products to sell on multiple websites, manage incoming orders, directly message customers and view graphs and statistics about their sales.

    During the development process, lots of hurdles were overcome. When app development began, there was no finished API to use, so initially a lot of the networking had to be mocked up, which led to the app being very flexible to overcome ambiguities in the specification. All of the designs for the app were done internally alongside the development process, which resulted in a very usable and polished user interface.


    • News feed
    • Product management
    • Barcode scanning
    • Order management
    • Messaging
    • Graphs
    • Notifications

ClickFeed - Retail Management Mobile App for iOS and Android<

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